Government Gangsters: Attacks On Police Part Of A National Plan?


The terrible murders of five police officers in Dallas, with the wounding of seven more was a coordinated attack during a Black Lives Matter Rally in the north Texas city. A wave of protests has swept the nation after two black men were killed, one each in Louisiana and Minnesota, this week.

It was the deadliest single day for police officers in America since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 — but in this case, police officers were specifically targeted. Dallas police Chief David Brown said, “(They were) working together with rifles, triangulating at elevated positions in different points in the downtown area where the march ended up going.”

But is this targeting of police part of a larger plan, with efforts to kill police officers across the country, not just in Dallas? And, who is responsible for this rash of shootings of police officers, and what is the ultimate goal?

Some are holding Twitter at least partially responsible, because it has not only provided a platform for anti-police invective, it has failed to delete calls for murdering police, either through negligence or worse. It is reported that thousands of posts have been in “tweets,” including calls to “kill pigs,” and “kill police.”

One tweet is from Ben Baller, Kanye West’s personal jeweler, who has almost a half-million Twitter users reading his calls for violence upon the police. Among his tweets is, “I want to kill 100 cops every time I hear ‘stop resisting.’ RIP,” followed by the hashtag “Alton Sterling.” Sterling is one of the black men killed in an altercation with police.

Baller also praised Christopher Dorner, calling him “a legend.” Dorner was fired from the Los Angeles police force in 2013, then published an 11-page “manifesto” in which he called for the “unconventional and asysmmetric warfare” upon LAPD. Baller’s profanity-laced Tweet said Dorner “tried to [do] something about” the police. Dorner shot police officers and civilians (including family members of officers) before he died in a later shoot-out with police at a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Another Tweet that Twitter had not removed as I wrote this article, written by “My Precious,”depicted a masked man slitting the throat of a police officer, with the caption, “SOON THE TALES WILL TURN.”

Other Tweets also called for the murder of police officers, including such vicious inciting to violence as, “Take the pigs to the slaughter house,” and “kill em all.”

Twitter does remove some “insulting” Tweets, but incredibly, had not removed incitement to murder against police officers before the Dallas shootings.

President Barack Obama called yesterday (before the shooting of the Dallas officers) for a “change” in the justice system to deal with what he called “a broader set of racial disparities.” Obama said the killings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota are not isolated incidents, but highlighted concerns about bias against African-Americans, claiming that blacks are being shot by police at a higher rate than whites.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a movement that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has charged with “calling for the murder of police officers.” BLM marches last year in Minnesota included the chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” is just one piece of evidence for Christie’s accusations. Yet, Obama has defended BLM, and backs up the assertions made by one of its founders, Alicia Garza, who said blacks are “uniquely, systematically, and savagely targeted by the state.”

But is that true?

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