Crusader Corner: Killing The Terrorist Before They Can Kill You

This is not just great advice for LEO but also for Armed Civilians.

Everybody say with me like you mean it:

“Cut the Head off the Snake before they DETONATE!” -SF


The video footage of the terrorist attack at the airport in Turkey will have to be developed into a police training tool.

A new tool, used to teach cops to become combat thinking soldiers.

In the past they have been trained to be arresting law enforcement personal. The terrorist shot his way into the inside of the Turkish passenger terminal and then was himself shot. He hit the ground and his rifle went flying across the floor out of range, for the murdering Muslim to be able to retrieve it and continue killing innocent people.

In the cop world you are trained to think that now he is not only obviously wounded, he is unarmed.

So your seasoned skills tell you to secure the situation, and then render first aid to the poor wounded human writhing on the floor in such obvious pain.

Times have changed, the first thing you need to do is put a bullet into his head.

The Muslim terrorist, while writhing in pain was trying to get to his detonation switch and kill even more innocent passengers. One man in the video can be seen looking down at the Muslim terrorist on the floor and then realizing that “My God or My Allah, it looks like Mohammad has an explosive suicide vest on—I must run away.” If only that person had had a firearm and the training to dispatch the Muslim terrorist before the suicide vest was detonated.

Unless we change our training in the US, the average American cop can, and will make the same mistake.

You have to cut off the head of the snake–before he can detonate.

American cops do not execute the bad guys. No, we want to arrest them, read them their rights and then process them through our legal system, and that is how it should be. However, it will have to change when Mohammad the Muslim terrorist is writhing on the floor of the Mall of America. When one shot to his head will save the lives of countless shoppers who will otherwise be killed or injured when Mohammad detonates his suicide vest on US soil, hard decisions must be made.

In 1987 I was stationed at Chanute Air Force Base in central Illinois. The base was being evaluated by a higher headquarters inspection team. Part of the inspection was an anti-terrorist, graded exercise. During the course of the exercise the General’s aide (a Captain) was taken hostage and a “simulated” suicide vest was placed on her. The inspector “terrorists” held the base hostage for hours during that exercise. At one point two “terrorist” and the “hostage” came out of the building they were holed up in, and started walking toward a 1000 man dormitory full of young Airmen. We were told by the “terrorists” that if we tried to stop them they would kill the Captain. All the senior flying officers were concern with what we should do.

I told them the goal was to keep the terrorists from killing a large group of Airmen if they got into that dormitory. They offered no suggestions how to solve the crisis.

I contacted my tactical team sniper and told them to shoot both of the “terrorist” and they did. Of course in the exercise scenario the poor young Captain was killed when the bad guys detonated the suicide vest (outside and away from people–simulated of course). Did the flying officers ever have a fit. I can still hear it “Captain Harl you got Captain “Jones” killed and you may have cost us a passing grade on the terrorist exercise.” You know what, we passed the exercise test. When the senior inspecting Colonel asked your General how else did he plan to save the lives of so many Airmen, there was no other alternative. You have to be willing to anticipate “acceptable losses.

I went from being the “dog” of the exercise to having a very happy General when we got an excellent grade for stopping these “terrorists.”

I was a trained Air Force cop and I understood that you were supposed to pull your Miranda card out, read the bad guy his rights and then cuff and stuff him in to the back of a squad car. Senior flying officers do not like the term acceptable losses, to them it means losing airplanes. I was however also an Army trained Infantry officer and we did not worry about your “rights” in combat, we just killed you, before you could kill us. There are always loses in Infantry combat and you had better learn to accept some.

This concept of killing before the Muslim terrorist can kill you will become second nature in the future.

For a while there will be a learning curve that will involve many a US cops getting killed for not killing the snake fast enough, or having their law enforcement career destroyed because they did shoot first. Once there are hundreds of dead Americans lying in their own blood at a mall or a sports stadium, and everyone gets to see it up close on 24/7 TV news, concern for the terrorist’s rights will shift to rapid snake killing.

Close quarters combat training will have to become the norm for all on duty cops, not just the tactical teams. Every cop will need an “evil” black rifle and will find themselves carrying that rifle more and more as a daily tool and not something setting in the patrol car just in case. This will cost money for departments to acquire the rifles and the money for training time and ammo. Of course the public will be upset at first, but after a while not seeing a long gun in the hands of a cop will be the oddity.

Private Citizens will start to exercise their abilities to open carry long guns, that will take some more getting use to, but it is coming.

Life is changing and those who do not like guns but expect strangers in uniforms to show up with their guns and save the day will suffer the most.

Cut the snake’s head off” will have to become the cry of the average American.

Making sure you have the correct tools to fight the snake is something that needs to be dealt with now. So, do not wait until the snake slithers into your town.

As an American police officer it is time to insist that you always have a long gun in your squad car with lots of extra loaded magazines ready for the snake fight at any moment. As an American citizen, if you do not own a gun, buy one, if you own a gun then by a second one.

As always when in doubt, buy fresh ammo. Call the folks at Buffalo Bore Ammunition (; their “snake” killing ammo is Strictly Business.

Strictly Business is an interesting term and implies a seriousness of the situation and the need for not only being prepared, but being prepared with the correct quality tools that will keep you alive.

Killing the snake, staying alive and keeping your family safe. Now that is Strictly Business.

Major Van Harl USAF Re. /

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