Happy Independence Day!

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I feel it important to Wish ALL My Awesome Readers and Subscribers a Happy Independence Day (Not just “Happy July 4th) Because this Holiday is MORE than just a date on a calendar, it is much more SIGNIFICANT than that!

In these trying and dangerous times we currently live in, TRUE AMERICANS must remember our INDEPENDENCE DAY HISTORY.

This country was not founded on “Peace Accords” and “Politically Correct Politics” This Country was founded on the principle of REBELLION TO TYRANNY, NO MATTER THE COST. 

And it is important to remember IT DID COST. Some men lost their freedom, some their livelihoods and some paid the ultimate price with their LIVES.

But no matter the Cost that was paid in Human Life, Our Colonial Forefathers did not give up the fight, and because of that, HERE WE STAND TODAY.

On This Independence Day, Let us all Celebrate and Remember what it Took to get us here…but more than that, Let us Consider what is GOING TO TAKE TO KEEP THIS COUNTRY FREE, FROM ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Have a Great Holiday With Friends and Family and Stay Dangerous!




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