World War II History: Hitler’s Poison Propaganda Dwarf


The last eyewitness to the inner circle of the Nazis has described the party’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels as a ‘ranting dwarf’ and a ‘big pig’.

Brunhilde Pomsel, now 105, was Goebbels’ secretary and got closer to the Nazi centre of power than anyone alive.

From 1942 on, she worked closely with Hitler’s agitator and seducer of the masses – the man who conditioned the Germans to hate the Jews and accept their deportations to an unknown fate.

Now her recollections of working for the Nazi monster are featuring in a new documentary.


‘Her personal journey into the past leads to the disturbing question: how reliable is my own moral compass?’ said the filmakers of ‘A German Life.’

Until the movie was made she had never spoken of her service for Hitler’s propaganda genius who, together with his wife Magda, took his own life in the Berlin bunker on May 1 1945 after first poisoning their six children one by one.

He shot his wife Magda and then himself, but not before they killed their children because neither could stand the thought of them ‘growing up in a world without the Fuehrer in it.’

Frau Pomsel sat down in the Filmpalast cinema in Munich this week as the movie of her life spent in the service of a monster was screened.

But she could barely see it; she is almost totally blind. Instead, she listened intently to her recollections of the times interspersed with the manic ravings of the man who was her boss.

‘Goebbels was a big pig,’ she said. ‘I’ve personally done nothing evil, but I blame myself for being, at that time too uninterested in politics.

‘I was grown up enough to recognise how the guilty criminals lied. That was very, very stupid of me.’

From 1942 onwards she was working for 500 Reichsmarks a month for the man the masses called behind his back ‘The Poison Dwarf.’

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