Military News: Marine Corp to Remove the Word “Man” from 19 Job Titles So Women Feel “More Included”

Give me a break. A Marine is a Marine, regardless of sex, color, race or religion. Enough with all this “equality” shit and people being concerned with names and titles. If you earned your globe and anchor, then by all practical standards, that makes you equal to every other Marine. If women want to serve in combat roles in ANY branch of the Military, then they must grab a hold of this belief and stop wanting to be put on a pedestal and get special treatment or be “More included”; because at the end of the day, that kind of thinking is what is going to get Marines and Soldiers KILLED in combat. Until this attitude changes (which I don’t think it will) both in the Officer and Enlisted Ranks, women serving in combat roles will be a LIABILITY to any COMBAT UNIT. -SF


After months of deliberation, the Marine Corps has decided to remove the word “man” from 19 job titles, in an effort to make the service more inclusive now that all combat roles are open to women.

The review, mandated by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus in January, will soon wrap-up and post the changes publicly in several days, according to an anonymous Marine official who spoke with Marine Corps Times.

Although many old titles will no longer exist, as they’ll be made gender neutral, some iconic titles still remain, such as “rifleman” and “mortar man.” This is unlikely to satisfy many Marines, who believe that political correctness has gone completely out of control.

“Names that were not changed, like rifleman, are steeped in Marine Corps history and ethos,” the official said. “Things that were changed needed to be updated to align with other MOS names.”

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11 thoughts on “Military News: Marine Corp to Remove the Word “Man” from 19 Job Titles So Women Feel “More Included”

  1. Objection. Physical fitness and weapon qualification are the only two things listed and recorded in a Marine’s personnel file, yet, the female Marines can run at a softer pace than the male Marine counterpart. The fitness level of any male Marine, is at a more demanding and higher level than any female Marine. Or, will that be changing? The Corps going soft/pantywaist?

    • Yeah that’s my point. One Standard, One Name: MARINE.
      Not Two Standards,NotTwo Names. Not “Woman Machine Gunner” JUST “Machine Gunner”
      As I said I will never be in favor of a dual standard/hypocritial system.
      That will get Marines Killed.
      And to answer your question: Yes, the Brain Drain of the Military by the Obamaoids and Multi-Culturalist Trans-Gender freaks has filled our officer and NCO ranks with the worst kind of spineless, ball-less sacks of amphibian shit ever to walk.
      Combine this with absolutely NO Strategical Plan of attack for our current enemies and Absolutely NO WILLPOWER TO See the Fight to the End,yeah, my outlook for our Military is GRIM and DISMAL to say the least.

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