Armed Citizen Corner Video: Off-Duty Cop ECQ Shooting

Several Things to Highlight Here:

  • Extreme Close Quarters Shootings (Bad Breath Distance Encounters) are more frequent than most civilians or even Law Enforcement train for. Make it a point to make this part of your training every time you hit the range.
  • A Smooth Presentation of the weapon enabled the officer to put rounds on target efficiently. Practice every part of your draw-stroke with your carry holster and street clothes that you would wear everyday. Remember SMOOTH IS FAST and that combined with the perp being distracted for a split second is what enabled the officer to get the shots on-board and into the pump house.
  • The comment about Strong side carry (around 4 o’clock) being better than Appendix Carry (11:30 to 12 o’clock) in this kind of situation is extremely subjective and biased IMO. The same shot could have been made with Appendix carry if you practiced firing from “less than ideal” situations, which in reality should be practiced with any carry position because the street is unforgiving unlike the square range!
  • At 1:11 we see the officer rack the slide after his first shot has been made. Not sure if this was a malfunction clearance or just adrenaline kicking in and the officer was making sure the gun was in battery and ready to go?
  • At 1:13 we See the officer needing to make another shot because the perp was not completely down and was still armed. REMEMBER: KEEP SHOOTING UNTIL THE PERP IS NOT JUST DOWN BUT HAS STOPPED BEING A THREAT!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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