World War II History: The Anniversary Of The Great Patriotic War: June 22, 1941

For all you Fellow WW2 Historians out there understand this video was put out by RT, Russia Today, which is the Propaganda Machine of the Russian Federation. Now I am not disputing the facts of the video but I do take issue with it’s arrogance. Although the Soviet Union did suffer during WW2, if it had not been for the Combined efforts of all the Allied Powers in the D-Day invasion, the Soviet’s suffering DEFINITELY would have been extended.

The video goes to great lengths to talk about the sacrifice of the Russian People during the War, but also conveniently fails to mention the number of Russians, including Russian Jews that STALIN himself ordered exterminated before, during and after the War. Although historians disagree on the total number of deaths attributed to Stalin himself, most conservative estimates are around 20 million.