RKBA News: Liberal Anti-Gun Propaganda Is Getting Desperate…Now They Are Using Kids (Again)

In true LIB-TARD fashion, since all their other anti-gun antics are failing, they have resorted to using children to do their dirty work.


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To sum it up, we have a lib-tard parent who saw an opportunity to exploit a picture of her child practicing a drill she had been taught in school in the event of an active shooter, which is basically, hide in the bathroom stall and stand on top of the toilet so the shooter could not see your feet from underneath.

Stunts like these, which are aimed at exploiting peoples emotions, without engaging their brains, are part and parcel of the Liberal anti-gun agenda. Notice the timing of the post also; a few days before the Senate Voted on Four Measures relating to Gun Control.

How Convenient.

As always though, the Logical Point here is missed entirely in favor of emotion and drama which in all reality, they hope will persuade your vote come November.

First off, why does a school have to teach your kid what to do in an Emergency? Why haven’t YOU, the PARENT, taught her what to do? As a parent, your first Job is to PROTECT your kid with PRACTICAL and REALISTIC advice and training. The World is a dangerous place, regardless how you feel about it.

Second, why is disarming all citizens from owning high capacity weapons going to solve this problem? Once again you mistake the TOOL, Not the WILLPOWER of the person doing the killing as the REAL problem. While we are at it, let’s ban SPOONS because they MAY make people fat who eat with them and also BAN Vehicles because people MAY drive drunk and kill somebody. There is also the issue that having somebody at the school (maybe even a teacher) armed with a high capacity weapon could SAVE LIVES!

Lastly, I ask you what is better: Seeing Kids practice a drill like this or seeing them Dead on the Floor like at the School Massacre at Beslan Russia?


You can get killed doing a lot of things folks, but one thing for sure will get you killed: DOING NOTHING.

I will be posting more on Practical and Realistic Drills for your Kids in Active Shooter Situations.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!