Texas News: Muslim Threatens To Kill Those Who Refuse To Take Copies of Qur’an

First the Amarillo Wal-Mart thing, now this.

 I did a post yesterday Warning you guys about Ramadan. Just Another example of why. -SF


It is shaping up to be such a lovely Ramadan. Twenty more days to go, too.

“Man Threatens Death on Those Who Refuse to Accept Copies of the Quran: Police,” by Frank Heinz, NBCDFW.com, June 15, 2016 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A man is jailed on a charge of terroristic threat Wednesday after threatening to impose the death penalty on several people who refused to take copies of the Quran, Denton police say.

Denton police said officers responding to a call for assistance Tuesday night were stopped by 28-year old Peshwaz Azad Waise, of Iraq, and that he was speaking irrationally and making comments about God and Allah. Since Waise was not in violation of any law, the officers continued responding to the initial call for help, police said.

Police with the University of North Texas were later called to a disturbance at the IHOP restaurant on the southeast side of campus where they found Waise speaking “irrationally.” Police didn’t reveal what he said, but they did confirm he was issued a notice of trespass and asked to leave UNT property.

Wednesday morning, police said Waise went into the Center for Women at 207 North Bonnie Brae and insisted those inside take the Quran from him and to give it to the Chaplin “or die.”

The police were called, but Waise left before officers arrived.

Waise was next spotted at the Denton County Courthouse where, after being cleared through security, he began to raise his voice loud enough to draw the attention of deputies, according to Orlando Hinojosa, public information officer for the Denton Police Department.

In a statement released Wednesay [sic] afternoon, police said Waise told deputies he was “the King” and that he became agitated as he was escorted out of the building and detained. Police said it was then that Waise told the deputies detaining him, “I’m imposing the death penalty.”

He later told the deputies that “anybody who touches me is going to bleed,” according to police.

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