The Twisted Logic of the Lib-Tard Media and Anti-Gun Crowd

By Hammerhead

I have never been one to waste my time (or yours) trying to argue with liberal no nuts about Americans 2A Rights, I simply have better things to do…Like Preparing to Protect myself and my family from Terrorist. But when I saw this article in the NY Times, combined with the terrible reporting by ABC news yesterday (as seen below) it prompted me to write this article.

Several things should be noted here: (1) They are interviewing a person who is in SHOCK (2) They are interviewing a person who most likely have NEVER heard a gun fired before, therefore they have no frame of reference on what they are talking about. To This guy, probably  all guns and rifles are “Automatic”.

Taking all this into account plus the fact that we now know the shooter was armed with a SEMI-AUTOMATIC  (Not AUTOMATIC) AR Type Rifle and Glock Semi-Automatic Pistol, it is obvious the liberal agenda of ABC News to further distort viewers perception of what TYPE of weapons were used that night by the shooter.

Coming back to the article in the NY Times, The crux of this article and the anti-gunners argument as a whole is this:  This country needs another “Assault Weapons Ban” because when semi-automatic rifle caliber weapons (and High Capacity Magazines) are available for civilians to purchase, mass shooting’s tend to be worse. Unfortunately, the data provided in the article does not prove their point as far as I can tell.

What it does prove is the following: It is irrelevant what TYPE of weapon the shooter is armed with, what is important, as any soldier can tell you, is how MOTIVATED that person is to kill with the weapon he does have.

To Prove that point, let’s look at a few examples:

  • After Orlando, the second worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History, the Virigina Tech Shootings in 2005 (Which were excluded from the article for some reason).  32 People were Killed and 17 Wounded. The Shooter, Seung-Hui-Cho was armed with a Walther P-22 (.22LR Caliber Pistol) with a 10 round magazine and Glock 19 (9mm Pistol) with a 15 round magazine. So ultimately this man was able to kill 32 people with two semi-automatic handguns, and not an assault rifle.
  • The Navy Yard Shootings in 2013 the shooter, Aaron Alexis was armed with a Remington 870 12 Gauge Pump Hunting Shotgun with a 5 round capacity. He killed 12 people without an Assault Rifle.
  • The majority of examples in this article are of people armed with HANDGUNS, not assault rifles.

The point being folks is that if a person is determined to kill, they are going to kill, regardless of what they are armed with. How MOTIVATED They are to kill is the X Factor that is going to determine the carnage.

All more gun laws do is PUNISH Law Abiding Citizens from having the ability to adequately protect themselves, they do not STOP Criminals or Terrorist from killing less people!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


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