Examining Terrorist Tactics: Know Your Enemy


Instead of wasting time reading the multitude of articles about the Orlando Shooting, as bad as it was, as Responsible Armed Civilians, the best thing we can do IMO is PREPARE TO FIGHT THESE BASTARDS so something like this does not happen again.

One of the best ways we can begin to do that is to learn everything we can about our enemies.

For those of you that have not read ISIS’ Training and Strategy Manuals, here are a couple worth a look.

The first one, The Management of Savagery, was written over a decade ago by an Al-Qaeda Sympathizer.

The Management of Savagery

The second one, How to Survive in the West, was weitten by an ISIS soldier two years ago and is in reality a Guerilla Warfare manual for Terrorist.

How To Survive in the West

Stay Alert, Stay ARMED and Stay Dangerous!