American History: Slavery LIES Matter; Roots Mini-Series Re-Made for the BLM Era


This is a great example of how Civil War and Southern Slavery History has been manipulated more than other period of American History. Seek out the truth Folks, Don’t Believe the Status Quo. -SF


Critics would say it’s fitting: a misrepresented miniseries remake partially inspired by a Machiavellian movement.The latter is Black Lives Matter, which caught fire (aside from setting fires) despite police shootings of black suspects being down 75 percent over the last few decades and the fact that whites are more likely to be shot by police. The remake is Roots, an African slave story that lives on four decades after the original despite having been proven to be, as journalist Stanley Crouch put it, “one of the biggest con jobs in U.S. literary history.”

I was 11 when the original Roots aired in 1977, and it was quite the event. Based on a 1976 Alex Haley book by the same name, it’s still the most watched miniseries of all time; fully half of all U.S. homes — approximately 100 million people — viewed its final episode. As for cultural impact, the Hollywood Reporter tells us, “Hundreds of colleges planned courses on Roots, and more than two dozen U.S. cities held ‘Roots weeks,’ according to the Museum of Broadcast Communications.”

 So given that even films such as Children of the Corn get remade, it’s not surprising that someone would want to remake a commercially successful miniseries. In Roots’ case there are many someones, with the four-part, eight-hour project debuting “on Memorial Day (May 30), airing simultaneously on History, Lifetime and A&E,” the Reporter informs. Notably, a co-executive producer is actor LeVar Burton, who played the starring role in the original as Kunta Kinte, a Mandinka warrior kidnapped from West Africa and sold into slavery in the United States.

Now, part of Roots’ appeal was that it’s supposedly the true story of author Alex Haley’s ancestors — it traced his “roots.”

But the real root of the story is a lie.

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