Profiles in Courage: Man Stops Knife Wielding Maniac in Target Store and Get’s Sued For It

Just one more sad example that the Target Corporation is nothing but a bunch of assholes that are NOT interested in the SAFETY of your family or mine. First they open up their bathrooms so grown men can assault/rape little girls and boys and now they decide to SUE a brave good samaritan who stopped a murder in one of their stores!!?? Yeah, Target sucks and I hope they go bankrupt very soon.

I would just like to commend this gentleman, Mr. Michael Turner for an OUTSTANDING Open Field Tackle at around :42!!. His actions saved a life!! Let us all SHOW OUR SUPPORT to Mr. Michael Turner who epitomizes the awesome qualities of a CIVILIAN OPERATOR OPERATING AT 110%!! 

I would remind the Corporate suck-ups at Target stores of this fact:

“Violent Crime is Feasible ONLY if it’s Victims are COWARDS!”-SF

The family of Allison Meadows says Michael Turner is a hero for saving their daughter from a crazed knifeman in a Target store—and that the chain definitely shouldn’t be suing him. Turner was among a group of men who tackled Leon Walls in a Target in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood in 2013 after the mentally ill homeless man grabbed the 16-year-old and stabbed her. Target, however, blames Turner for the incident, alleging that it wouldn’t have happened if Turner and his friends hadn’t chased Walls into the store after an incident outside, News Channel 9 reports. He was named as a defendant in a lawsuit the chain filed after Meadow’s family filed a suit of its own, accusing Target of not providing enough security.

In a 2015 interview with KDKA, Turner said that after Walls attacked his friend for no reason, he and three other men discovered he had entered a nearby Target. They went in to hold him until police arrived, but Walls grabbed the girl when they confronted him. Last year, Walls was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison by a judge who criticized Target for suing Turner,CBS Pittsburgh reports. Judge Donna Jo McDaniel said she considers Turner and his friends heroes who saved the girl’s life, and she thinks Target is suing to make the Meadows family back down from their complaint. The trial in the Turner lawsuit begins Monday, and the Meadows family, who WTAE notes had been visiting from Tennessee when Allison was attacked, plan to return to Pittsburgh to attend. (Cops called about an “active shooter” at a Target in Illinois found only an unarmed man protesting the chain’s transgender bathroom policy.)

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