Modern Crime: The Weird Tale of A Fake Bomb and a Would-Be-Terrorist

Ever since The ATF pulled off their now infamous debacle called “Fast and Furious” resulting in (among other things) a Border Patrol agents death, I  have been extremely skeptical of any Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement operation that willingly puts WEAPONS into the hands of criminals and/or terrorist for the express intent of “following the bread crumbs”…but if you thought “Fast and Furious” was a cluster-fu#K, read about this goat rodeo the FBI pulled off in Miami recently…if you are like me once you are about halfway through this article you will come to the conclusion that Federal Law Enforcement has it’s head firmly inserted up it’s own ass and has no problem with it staying there for the immediate future. As a side-note this is also the first time I have ever heard of a “Mexican Islamic Terrorist”, what a combo. -SF


The FBI says it caught a terrorist trying to blow up a synagogue on the outskirts of Miami.

But the FBI supplied the bomb.

The device was fake, part of an undercover FBI sting operation that, like hundreds of controversial investigations before it, used an undercover informant to target an alleged terrorist.

In the Miami case, federal authorities accuse 40-year-old James Medina of planning to bomb the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center north of the city.

The FBI started their investigation of Medina in March 2015 “based on his suspected desire to attack” the Jewish center, according to an affidavit filed in federal court and a statementreleased by the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Florida.

Medina, who said he converted to Islam four years ago and referred to his alias “James Muhammad” in court, has been charged with “attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.” He pleaded not guilty on Monday morning.

Apart from the fact that the FBI supplied Medina with the weapon that he intended to use against the Jewish center, rights activists and legal experts are troubled by the facts presented by the FBI and Justice Department. Their concern includes instances where the informant, or “confidential human source” in bureau parlance, offered to assist Medina in attacking the center, and even suggested that he link the attack to the Islamic State.

The FBI’s affidavit — which reveals only enough information to justify the criminal complaint against Medina, and does not include all of the evidence against him — says that an informant met with Medina in March and secretly recorded conversations with him after he expressed a desire to attack the Jewish center.

But the affidavit does not say how the FBI learned of Medina’s “suspected desire” to attack the Jewish center, or what initial remarks or actions led agents to believe that Medina was willing to use violence before he devised his plans with the informant.

David Shapiro, a former New Jersey prosecutor and FBI special agent who is now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, said the affidavit makes it appear that the FBI did more than a little pushing to get Medina to develop the synagogue bombing plan.

“It seems this desire was developed,” he said. “It was watered with very potent fertilizer.”

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