Military Defense News: The Reaper Machine Gun Support Pole

Sometimes the simplest things make a world of difference. -SF

When the legendary American-born inventor Hiram Maxim designed the first modern machine gun at the end of the 19th century, he completely changedthe face of war. But after more than a century of development, one thing still limits these deadly weapons — their weight.

In early May 2016, the Australian Army said it was looking at a piece of American kit that, it believed, might finally ease the burden on its light machine-gunners. Aussie troops will experiment with what is essentially a curved metal pole that they can wear like a backpack — and which could help support their machine guns.

“It’s a funny-looking contraption,” Australian Army warrant officer Nicolas Crosbie, one of the soldiers taking part in the test, commented in an official video. “I’m interested to see … when we trial it with the soldiers, what they think of it and that sort of thing.”

Advanced Accuracy Solutions makes this novel “weapon support” that it calls the Reaper. Extending up over the shooter’s shoulder, the Reaper keeps the gun steady and reduces the strain necessary to keep the weapon at the ready.

A soldier would then attach their rifle or machine gun to the end using a length of cord and a strap. Running down the length of the pole, the line extends and retracts as the user moves their gun — sort of like a retractable dog leash.

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