Examining Terrorist Tactics: Jihad On the Fly? ISIS Using Homing Pigeons To Communicate


Jordan intercepts bird carrying messages between terror operatives as group attempts to bypass Western intel gathering

its channels of communication are increasingly monitored by coalition forces, the Islamic State is reportedly turning to low-tech solutions in its efforts to avoid detection.

The Telegraph reported that homing pigeons bearing messages between IS operatives were recently captured by Jordanian forces.

“The jihadists tied a letter with a phone number to the foot of the bird, which was flying to a Jordanian resident,” the commander of the country’s border guard, Brig. Gen Saber al-Mahayreh, told journalists.

According to the Telegraph, Western nations are concerned over intensified IS efforts to encrypt communications through apps such as Telegram and Whatsapp, that make it harder for intelligence bodies to acquire information.

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6 thoughts on “Examining Terrorist Tactics: Jihad On the Fly? ISIS Using Homing Pigeons To Communicate

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    • Take it from me, the problem is not the intel..you could provide the most actionable, up-to-date intel imaginable..and these politicians would still sit there with their thumb up their ass…the issue is the lack of the WILL to act…ISIS HAS THE WILL TO ACT, they have proven that in Paris and Brussels… what have we (The United States) done? Drop a few bombs? Do a few drone strikes? No wonder they think they can murder us wholesale…we are cowards who refuse to act. But this opens up another question…If WE DO ACT and put troops back into Syria and Iraq in LARGE numbers, are we just playing back into their hands and giving them exactly what they want? The U.S. right back into a guerilla/insurgent war that is unwinnable just like Iraq was 13 years ago?? Gotta see it from all angles.

      • I’m no tactician. It’s a quagmire; this is a situation where the expression “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” doesn’t apply. The B’s are as tenacious as the Japs were in WW II, they’re worse than the Vietnamese, because your friend one week might suddenly turn on you the next. We are stupid every time we underestimate their resolve.
        Here is another thing – the gov’t idiots won’t look at the long view. Iran is a huge problem. Remember the Brit that designed that 22K lb “blockbuster”? It would take something like that to crack their underground enriching sites; given that we had the Cajones to act. And here is the “kicker” – the terrorists are a large part of Pakistan’s gov’t and they already have nukes… FMR!

      • In talking about Iran, the one thing that I think will come back to haunt the U.S. and Israel (LITERALLY) is early on, Netanyahu went to Obama and told him man to man that Israel had solid Intel Iran was building Nuclear facilities underground, both to MAKE and STORE Nuke weapons, Israel had but a small window to strike and they could destroy up to 90 to 95% of these facilities before they went totally to ground…..Obama balked and told Netanyahu they would not support Israel if a war began with Iran…so Israel did not act and now we have the Nuclear behemoth that is Iran. So Yes, you can blame the future nuclear war that Iran will start with israel and the rest of the world squarely on Obama’s shoulders…

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