Gorilla Ammunition Makes A Stand Against Target Stores

I am proud to be a part of this great company and I hope all my readers will join in Boycotting Target Stores. -SF


After Target CEO Brian Cornell announced Target’s new policy relative to restroom gender selection, Gorilla Ammunition CEO, Lanse Padgett responded with an awareness campaign and open letter challenging the retailer’s position. The letter sites the issues with the policy stating that individuals with nefarious intentions have a TARGET rich environment in which to prey on women and children.

“The core values and morals in our society are being eroded everyday, Target CEO Brian Cornell further challenged those principles and social norms by evoking their ridiculous policy allowing men to use the ladies restroom. Being a father of 4 young girls, I feel very strongly about this issue. I know millions of American’s also share my position and we need to drive awareness. Let’s campaign together to stop this dangerous and unwarranted policy.” said Lanse Padgett.

Today Gorilla Ammunition is launching the “DO NOT BE A TARGET” campaign. Gorilla Ammunition has created a silicone bracelet to support the campaign and will be distributing them for free at the National Rifle Association Annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky May 19 – 21. The purpose of the campaign is to drive awareness to Target’s ludicrous restroom policy and take a stand against corporations putting their political agenda ahead of the safety of our families.

Gorilla Ammunition also offers the bracelets for free on their website for anyone that would like one, just pay $5 Shipping and handling fee.

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