Violent Mob Defense Tactics: Moving Vehicle TRUMPS All!

Let me be clear before I start this group of lessons. What is happening across this country right now is NOT protest, it is the behavior of common thugs. Going around needlessly looting, stealing, destroying private property, committing blatant arson and attacking innocent people WITHOUT cause is CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, NOT POLITICAL PROTEST.

As a Civilian, the fact that a group of people (any GROUP of people, regardless of race, creed or religion) do not agree with the decision of a grand jury or any other legitmate legal body is irrelevant to me. The fact that they are showing this aggressive behavior in public, is enough justification for me to defend myself using any and all force I deem necessary to protect my life and property.

OK, so now I said my two cents worth, let’s go over a scenario you may have the unfortunate luck of finding yourself in: You are driving home from work or wherever and suddenly find yourself surrounded by an aggressive, violent, boisterous mob. They are blocking your path, yelling racial obscenities and some are even pounding on your car. Now what happens next is NOT going to be rocket science and will not require a large amount of tactical thinking on your part. First, if you feel like giving the idiots a warning, lay on the horn for a few seconds. Second, PUNCH THE GAS and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!! 

I found this video that shows an incidents like this in real time.

Now don’t be bothered by those mob participants who are being dragged or maybe still choose to remain on your hood, with enough speed, these problems will soon disappear all by themselves, I promise you.

The only caveat I would add here is Don’t Stop for whatever reason! That only gives the attackers time to bust out your window, drag you out and start pelting you in the head with bricks..if you don’t believe me, flash back to another so-called “protest” that happened in 1992 during the Riots in Los Angeles. This poor truck driver made the mistake of stopping and it was the last mistake he ever made.

Remember Guys, whenever you get in an ass puckering situation and are in vehicle, and it is still mechanically viable and ABLE TO RUN, you have one of the greatest Weapons available: A Two ton bulldozer.. USE IT!! Don’t think just because you have a pistol on your person or a rifle in your vehicle you need to get out and engage. Think about it, remaining in the cab of the vehicle gives you some cover and the ability to egress out of the kill box….what more could you ask for?

For those of you worried about legal repercussion in using your vehicle as a weapon, I point you too this incident which occurred last year in New York. Read the full story and legal findings HERE. 

Stay Tuned for more Lessons in Violent Mob Defense Tactics.

Stay Armed, Stay Alert and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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